Welcome to Maxfield’s!

With three great businesses, Maxfield’s is one of the largest employers in the area. Varied work experiences, full and part time opportunities, excellent training programs, and benefit options makes Maxfield’s a highly sought after employer. However, our standards are high. Employees must be highly motivated and responsible; they must be dependable, hard working, and team players; they must possess honesty and integrity; and they must be willing to learn and uphold Maxfield’s high standards of service.

The hospitality field is much like the medical field in that service to the public may be 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year—The Depot and Maxfield’s Inn are such. Maxfield’s busiest time is during the holidays, so employees must recognize that holiday work is not negotiable—in service to our guests all employees must work holidays and weekends. This listing is general and not all positions may have openings at any given time.

Many positions in the restaurant involve cross-training and work in the other areas. For example, salad attendants are also trained to wash dishes and often do. Buffet attendants are trained to be salad attendants and dishwashers. Everyone in the kitchen is trained to do prep. It is a team effort and spirit that gets the job done.

Buffet Attendants
Line Cooks
Prep Cooks
Salad Table Attendant

The Inn
Desk Clerk

The Depot
Store Clerk
Counter Attendant
Cooks & Bakers


Download printer-friendly Maxfield’s employment application 280k pdf [4 pages].

Servers/Bartenders – A 50+ hour training program by veteran staff assure that new servers and bartenders uphold Maxfield’s warm, friendly and professional service.

Buffet Attendants – known for our great buffets, attendants are trained to keep them fully stocked and fresh. Buffet attendants are knowledgeable about all products and give guests warm, friendly and professional service.

Line Cooks – trained to prepare menu and buffet items.

Prep Cooks – because Maxfield’s takes pride is using fresh ingredients, and making only homemade salads, prep cooks learn to do it all.

Bakers – experienced pastry chefs will find opportunity to be creative in making special weekly desserts, bake homemade pies, breads, and rolls as well as special wedding cakes.

Dishwashers – respectfully the most important job in the restaurant. It doesn’t matter how great the food is or how great the service is, if we have dirty dishes, we are out of business.

Salad Table Attendants – stock and service the 50-item salad table, on some nights, the appetizer tables, and answer questions guests may have concerning these areas.

Store Clerk – waiting on guests, stocking and cleaning the store are all part of the job. Need energy and enthusiasm and a constant smile.

Counter Attendant – waiting on guests who order from the deli or eatery. Training includes making sandwiches, subs, and pizzas. Cleaning, stocking and doing dishes are all part of the job.

Cooks and Bakers – The Depot offers a hot breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as subs, and pizzas. Baked goods include making bread, cinnamon rolls and donuts.

Desk Clerk – take reservations, assist guests as they arrive and leave. Housekeepers responsible for cleaning all areas of the Inn.

Maintenance – requires skills in many areas from changing light bulbs to testing chemicals in the pool, to repairing whatever needs to be fixed.

Office/Administrative – operating multiple businesses requires lots of support systems. Clerical, bookkeeping, marketing, advertising, web design, data entry, and basic secretarial all keep Maxfield’s operating smoothly.