Car Wash

Car Wash At The Depot

Why wash your car?
We know, we all wash our cars when we go out somewhere “nice”, we are trying to impress someone, or when the car is really dirty. However, we all change oil every 3,000 mile because we care about the car’s health in a long run. Thanks to today’s technology, the vehicles can go for hundreds of thousands of miles and be mechanically sound, but look horrible. Rust holes, dirt, grime, dull paint, chips, dings, affect you car’s look and resale value.

So why do we care more about the interior than the exterior?  
Well, some of us would say, “As long as it takes me from point A to point B, I don’t care what it looks like … Why waste money on carwashes?

Have you ever tried to sell a perfectly maintained car with rust holes in the body?
You would take an unbelievable hit in the resale value REGARDLESS of how regularly you’ve changed oil, flushed transmission and radiator, replaced timing belts, etc.

Michigan weather is ruthless – and your car’s underbody and paint are the first to meet the salt, the dirt, the ice, and dozens of other particles which destroy your car’s body. Your car’s exhaust and fuel systems are directly affected by those tiny enemies of your car.

What’s the bottom line?  Preventative maintenance.

Just like oil changes, car washes must happen regularly. Just because your car seems clean does not mean it’s not going to rust.

Here at The Depot, we offer the best among car washes – our soft-touch automatic wash. Great deals are always available – $2.00 off Carwash with pay at the pump option. Come in and ask about additional discounts.